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Friday, May 29, 2009

school holi's coming....

school holi's begin n really meaningful to me coz' i'm not alone at home anymor..
life so bored when ur lonely.it also means dat i don't have 2 do all da chores alone.ha3...
very lazy i am...talk bout lonely,i always wonder how can people live alone in diz' world?
don't they feel empty?like there's a hole somewhere in ur life o mayb heart?i can't imagine if that happen 2 me.people who said dat they don't need no one in their life is a liar!!!trully liar!we need sum1 in our life.whether frens,family,relatives o ur luv one(u know wut i mean)...
we need them 4 many reason.4 ex:
1)to take care us when we sick
2)to help us when we in need (like hutang dgn along,muflis,tlg wat assignmnt..he3..)
3)to luv us
4)to guide us
5)to accompany us in comin golden days....
6)n many more...
so,4 those who once had this kind of thought,u should rethink bout it.mayb u were heartbroken once o had a really bad situation in doing relationship either frens o family,but u had 2 take time to reach wut u want,ryte...n remember diz, sumtime we're on top,n sumtime we're at the bottom(always use diz to advice my romate.he3...).so hope u guys can learn sumthing from diz piece of opinion.same goes 2 me.t8 care everybody....chow....

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  1. yea...yea...ct update blog doh..
    update selalu ye et, oghe akan sentiasa masuk sini..

    oghe sokong dgn pendapat et, sape2 hok kata dia bleh hidup sorang2, dia tu penipu..penipu bsr..