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Sunday, July 24, 2011

"사랑해 Malaysia..."

"hi guys...assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera & salam 1 malaysia...
welcome back to this blog...so basically today i wanna shout out that i really freaking dying wanna grab this shirt (mention above)...deadly serious(angguk laju2..)..
wanna know why??because i'm seeing many people like wearing those kind of shirt, not only here in Malaysia but also in other countries(of course they're wearing their nation name on it...)...but still,i did'nt found one yet(as i was living in K.Trg)...so hopefully i'll found it one day or maybe some1 would like to give it free to me???he3..(keep on dreaming huwaina!!!)...so that's all for tonyte..buhbye!!!
**credit the picture to the owner which is amazon.co.uk....
p/:nxt entree i'm hoping to post some picture of colored tree(same like ict shah alam has)that are "planted" at pulau warisan,K.Trg!!!insyaAllah,i can't promise you!!!

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