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Monday, July 11, 2011

saya nak jadi orang seni!!!!

well hello there world!!!!(as im hoping you guys are reading my blog,ho3....)
good morning & assalamualaikum.as stated above "saya nak jadi orang seni" it means that "i wanna be an art person"(ho3,direct translation from bahasa melayu)...
neways,i do wanna involve myself in art.anything,in terms of music,painting,filming anything that are arts include home deco..well for me,everything in our life is art & art is science.see,how these two things connect.but unfortunately,im not a science person(i always failed during my lower secondary school..hu3)..
BTW,im composing a.k.a writing a song currently.but i still dont have the exact lyrics yet.too much problems in getting the right words for the right tune..ho3..wuteva.neway,hope i can finish it & really hoping that i can dedicate it to my chinggu(friends) in the future...
wish me good luck readers..
so thats all for now..
-thanx for stop by n read,thats the only way i can appreciate you guys.nytez...-

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