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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"DECORATE my heart with my GUITAR"...

Assalamualaikum peers n family...n readers of course..
well,actually right now i was sitting alone at Kafe Kapas buzy myself online (which supposely im studying ryte now,he3..).
im waiting my chinggu, Lili.she's probably just awake when i called her just now.
hu3...n im leave all alone here.so that's make me feel wanna right something in this beautiful morning.its the last week of exam so most degree student already finished their last paper n some are struggling right now answering paper in Dewan Aspirasi.as for me,will having my last paper on this thursday which 2 days more n yet im still did not study (yup,that's me,a lazy gurl.aigoo2..)
neway,juz wanna share a song from yuna called decorate which really inspire me with the lyrics as it's like a real feeling that are thrown out onto a piece of paper.n it just suite with my feeling ryte now.hu3...still,i dont want it to bother me n got rid of it ASAP!!!last word guys,wish me gudluck for the final paper!!!as i want you all to know im wishing the same thing to everyone!!!gambatte kudasai!!!

p/s:I'm just going to "DECORATE my heart with my guitar!!!"..

Here goes the song im listen currently:

So you decided to see me out of the blue,
I think you're doing fine,
That girl in your arms,
Does she know where you come from?
Almost made me move out of town,
You don't want me to be around
But I stayed anyway, Just in case...
Finding reasons to hate you more than before
Like how you said you would call
But never at all
Got rid of your number that I know by heart
You left your things at my place,
As if I have all the space
Cause you know I don't mind,
Just come back when you think it's time
I'm all black and white inside
Monotonous from left to right
I decorate my house with thing you love
Just in case you show up
In case you show up...

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