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Friday, January 13, 2012

"the GRAVE is calling..."

Assalamualaikum and hello there world!!!!
ermm...it's being raining a few days...
so it's getting chiller(wahhh,da mcm kat oversea plak, but the word "rain" will be replace with "snow" instead.ho3...).neway guys,saje je dikala kebosanan reading my "Profitable Menu Planning,4th edition" book (actually since morning till now,im only able to read not more than 5 pages,my bad...).so feeling of writing some stuff here.actually a lot of things being played in my mind in these few days (too much annoying things actually bothering me).but still,i hell no wanna talk bout those ddong (shit in korea,ho3) or crap thing.so here's i wanna share something,im not sure where did i got this but just credit to the owner ok (im clearly state that this does'nt belong to me).so here it goes:

The GRAVE is calling:

Oh Son of Adam,
I remembered you again today,

I am full of darkness so bring with you "the Light of Salaat".
I am a place of fear so bring with you "the Peace of Tilawah".
I am a place of snakes and scorpians so bring with you "the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet".
I am full of fire so bring with you "the reward of Charity/Sadaqah".

Don't forget me as I am eagerly waiting for your arrival.

p/s:ini adalah renungan bersama.InsyaAllah,kita berada di dalam lindungan-Nya.ameen.
Takbir,Allahuakbar!!!terima kasih yang sudi membace,thanks for reading readers and Assalamualaikum and anneyeong (goodbye in korean)....

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