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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"it's Duty Roaster right?????"

Assalamualaikum and hello there world!!!!
chinggu a.k.a friends and readers,so long time no see.ho3...lame xtulis kat sini coz me so lazy as usual.
anyway,tido,makan,tido, da masuk bulan February.betapa cepatnya masa berlalu.
dah abes bulan January,so tinggal 1 month je lagi b4 sem baru start.hu3...ni da middle of Feb so basically i got only about 3 weeks left for my holis (booing,booing)..

as mention above, do u still remember DUTY ROASTER???since da lame tinggal school-hood kan and tetibe sy t'ingat pasal DUTY ROASTER.kisah nye bermula as usual my daily life would always be fulfill with watching drama (did i mention b4 this that i like drama bcoz it's dramatic???).it was a Japanese drama titled "Seigino Mikata" means "Ally of Justice" (ntah betol ke x ni,he3..hentam je la).so there was a scene where a bunch of middle school student (kite kire nye pelajar sekolah menengah rendah la kan???) tengah bersih kelas lepas abes waktu persekolahan.then,i said to myself "bagus betol sistem Japan school ni, rajin student kemas n bersih kelas lepas learning session ended.alangkah bagus kalow Malaysia pon buat camni".

STOP right there, in a blink of an eye,automatic otak sy tibe2 berfungsi secara rasional n then i said to myself back, "wait a minute!!!!Malaysia pon ade system camni.b4 n after school session student pon kene bersih jgak kelas. kite akan take turn according to the DUTY ROASTER yg besenye AJK keceriaan yg responsible buat.macam2 tema DUTY ROASTER i'd seen during schooling year.

then i asked myself back, "how come aku boleh lupe pasal ni???sedangkan aku da skolah 11 tahun means, 11 tahun aku buat mende alah ni???".so i think damn hard where till im able to come with a conclusion. "it is because during that time, that was the most hateful thing i had to do besides ASSEMBLY session.i never get the job done with fully hearted.n i always complained to people that make rubbish in the class when im on duty".so there it goes.then i started to recall some memories.i always love to be incharge on Thursday as it is the last day of schooldays rather than Sunday (im living in Terengganu FYI).infact,sometimes,when the people incharge of making of DUTY ROASTER is one of my friends, i will beg them to put me on duty on Thursday.n do u wanna know why i choose Thursday instead of other days,it is because, biasenye hari khamis,kelas da xkotor coz days b4 org da kemas.so besenye ari kamis sikit je kije.kalow hari ahad paling azab.he3.i know it sound like im such a lazy person,but it is freaking damn true.ho3...

that's all for today,thnx to stop by and read and have a blast day readers!!!
Assalamualaikum and salam 1 Malaysia!!!

p/s:im currently keeping me busy with practicing my keyboarding skills.and i feels sucks coz im unable to memorize well all the chords.so wish me luck guys!!!thnx again!!n i post an example of DUTY ROASTER.it's cute ryte???

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