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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ke Korea Ke Kite!!!!

Assalamualaikum, salam Satu Malaysia. Yeorobun,anyeonghaseyo!!! Wahhhh. It's being a long time since I wrote the last entry and I was hardly blur to click which button to start writing this post as I forgot how does it work.ho3...I'm sorry/Mianhae to those who keep asking why I didn't write any new post but from now onwards, InsyaAllah, with and if God's will I'll try to post as much as I can. I'm sorry too coz I might write this post about 80% in English coz I'm hoping those who didn't understand Malay could also read this post. So, hopefully, all beautiful and handsome readers do enjoy read this post,ok.

So, as the appertizer, I would like to start this post with some introduction regarding the title itself,"Ke Korea Ke Kite"(We're Going to Korea-Hohoho,Suke hati je translate gitu). The story start with me and few of my chinggus(friends) chit chat about having a trip to South Korea.Ho3... so discuss punye discuss, out of sudden and fikiran yg waras, we bought the ticket to South Korea just like that within few days as that time Air Asia was having promotion semperna apa me myself tak ingat.he3...So make it short, the ticket was bought with departure to South Korea on 3rd September 2014 until 8th September 2014. So today, 3rd of October 2014 dah genap 1 month since the day we went for the trip.ho3...ah,FYI,we bought the ticket last year around November 2013 if I wasnt mistaken.hihihi... So can you imagine how 'suffer' we are,counting the days until the day we fly to Korea!!!feels like I'm married in November 2013, Get Pregnant at the end of Disember 2013 and deliver the baby on September 2014!!!ha3...(okengs, that sounds kinda drama right?well everybody like drama.ha3...).

So, to make it shorter,I jump straight to main course(let's skip the soup,shall we???). So within from January 2014 until September 2014 me and my chinggus try to get much information bout South Korea, places to go, blogwalking, read some travelog, try to look for guesthouse, study a little bit bout the map, the subway system,make itinerary and bla,bla,bla...Sounds like heaps of works right? Perghhh, no wonder people travel with travel agent because seriously backpacker is too 'underground'.ha3...Seriously, if you wanna go travel by yourself, in common word nowadays is 'Backpackers' you need to make sure you study the details bout the place you going to. I wouldnt say its a compulsary but seriously, it will helps you A LOT when you travel.

As for the pencuci mulut, I just wanna share you briefly bout our 'KE KOREA KE KITE' journey. We went to South Korea for about 6 days, from 3rd until 8th September 2014. We fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2(KLIA 2) to Seoul and we stay around Namsan. From Seoul, we took a train(Mugunghwa Train) to Busan. From Busan we fly back to KLIA 2. Sounds like aneh-aneh right? Actually during the time we bought the plane ticket, the return ticket to KL-Seoul is quite expensive. So me and my friend came out with an idea to take flight from KL to Seoul and going back to KL through Busan as its cheaper. So thats how it goes.hehehe...And yes, the conclusion of our return ticket (KL-Seoul,Busan-KL) cost only about Rm600.Daebak and awesome right??? Thats all for now readers. In the next entry InsyaAllah I'll go for more details and some drama of course. So see you next time!!!

p/s:Besok(Tomorrow), 4th October 2014 is Incheon Asian Games Closing Ceremony and Bigbang and CNblue will be performing. Can't wait!!!

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  1. Bestnyaaa ct g korea! Nnti cerita details mana thu blh jd next trip ore plk..hehe