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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ke Korea Ke Kite: Chapter 2

Assalamualaikum semua...
I'm back, the 'lazy' me, the 'selekeh' me, the 'nerd skeptima' me (uh-huh,new name I got from my lil brother because of my new sort of Harry Potter spectacles,ㅋㅋ)...

And yes again, I'm sorry,미안 해요 for the late update regarding the previous post bout my "KeKoreaKeKite" trip.kekeke...FYI, I'm not that freaking crazily busy girl but the laziness just don't wanna leave me.hohoho...

So for today, I just wanna share a little bit bout my experiences that I get from the "KKKK" trip. As I return from the trip, many people keep asking me almost the same question like, "How do u go to Korea,backpackers or travel agent?", "How much did u spent for the trip,the overall cost?", "Where did u stayed?Hotel or Guesthouse?", "How did u eat?any Halal's food?expensive or not?",and blah,blah,blah...

So here I am humbling myself, will share as much as I remember, as detail as I can, coz actually, honestly, I forgot to jot down everything during the trip (as sometimes we're too busy taking pictures,ㅋㅋ).

Here are some tips that I hope will help u guys:

1) Plane ticket = Rm600. Its a return ticket. Actual price is Rm594.60. I think so,forgot already, but without c/in luggage and insurance. As I went with my friend we only c/in certain luggage like those that contain foods and things that are not allowed to bring inside the cabin plus, we're backpackers so we wanna minimized the cost as much as we can!!!ㅋㅋ. As mention in previous post, we bought the ticket really early during promotion. So those who want to minimized ur cost, make sure book your ticket earlier. Regularly check the ticket as Air Asia like to do promo so the price might change accordingly.

2) Exchange money = For Rm1500, I got 470,000++ won. It depends on where you change your money and seriously, I recommend you guys to compare few currency counters as some might offer you the best rate. As for me, I got Rm3.16++ for 1000 won and my friend helped me change it at Midvalley I think.ha3...
p/s: Baki duit yang masih tersimpan. Banyak kan???Ho3...Kayo den!!!Muahahaha...

3) Guesthouse = I stayed at two Guesthouse which are Namsan Guesthouse 3 at Seoul (3D2N/50,000 won per person) and another one is Zen Backpackers at Busan (4D3N/60,000 won per person). So total is about 110,000 won. Well, I think for those who going to search for guesthouse in Korea it won't be a major problem. I mean, they are a lot of guesthouse. For example, the Namsan Guesthouse that I stayed, they have like 5 guesthouses just near to each other. Infact, they are many other guesthouse nearby. And one thing I found really helpful is that you can book the guesthouse without any deposit. Like Namsan GH, upon arrival/check in they collect the money, while Zen BP they collect the payment upon departure.ㅋㅋ. My tips is find guesthouse that situated or located at place that have a lot of accommodation like public transport. So do some homework everybody.

4) Foods = My advice especially to Muslim, do bring as much as foods like canned food, bread, biscuits, energy bar like Snickers or maybe sweets, instant 3in1 drinks like Milo,Nescafe or anything that you pleased, some instant porridge/soup like VONO mushroom soup and yes instant noodle a.k.a ramyun!!! If you go to Seoul I think the only place that you could see lots of Halal's food is in Itaewon probably because of the existence of the Musolla/Masjid. But no worries, in other area there are still Halal's food around but you might need to survey or do some homework before you coming to Korea as it will helps you later. Like me and my friends did, we had our breakfast at the GH with the food that we brought from Malaysia and for lunch or dinner, we eat outside. Before we go tour, we pack some bread/biscuits/water so that we can have some while travel around. But to those non-muslim, I think you guys should try those korean street foods as you can see almost everywhere so you won't have any problems bout food at all and you will find lots of cafe or restaurant too. Trust me. And don't forget 바나나우유/Banana Milk!!! Go and have a try guys!!! Banana Milk is like a saviour!!!ha3... You guys can get the milk from any convenient store,groceries shop,kedai runcit or those 7eleven kinda store. FYI the banana milk is quite expensive actually to compare like the Dutchlady/GoodDay or whatsoeva milk that we can get in Malaysia. So here's the trick that our beloved brother/형 teach us. Usually the one that looks like kedai runcit/groceries shop sell cheaper than the one like 7e style(its GS25, you can see a lot of them there),but sometimes those 7e style sell cheaper as they might do some promo, so if you have side to side 7e and groceries shop, do check the price in 7e first. One more thing,if you have like 4 and above people, you guys better buy in bulk, just let only one person buy it so that you might get 'harga borong'(later you guys bayar la balik kat kawan tu okengs,he3) but i think you need to buy 6 bottles and above. To make it easy, just buy few box like 2,3 boxes (I dont know the right word,each box have 4 bottles). There are few flavor you can choose besides banana like strawberry and melon. The taste is like sort of dadih actually but still yummy!!!

5) Shopping = Namdaemun Market. I think for those who wanna save budget like me and my friends, Namdaemun Market is the place.It's cheaper and lots of choice. I don't know bout Myeongdong Market coz due to some technical problem we don't have enough time to able ourselves to stop by eventhough our guesthouse located just across the street of Myeongdong Market. But we able to stop by at Dongdaemun Market or maybe its more like a plaza. I think Dongdaemun is a place if you want to find some quality or fashionable items meanwhile Namdaemun Market is a place where you want to buy some souvenirs. So, go ahead guys. And great news for Muslims, at the Namdaemun market they is a Turkish Kebab shop, a very small shop. We are lucky that one of the ahjussi/uncle, one of the owner of the souvenir shop that we went to,told us about the shop. So make sure, if you go to the Namdaemun Market, try ask the local folks where is the Kebab's shop ok???It's delicious and fulfill...If I'm not wrong the price is about 4,000won to 4,500won according what type of kebab that you order.

Alright readers, I need to stop here but if you think this is the end chapter of "KKKK" you are totally wrong. I have lots to share with you guys, InsyaAllah in next entry okengs(it means OK). So, If you wanna ask me anything, you can ask me directly by sending me email, follow me on twitter/instagram or just leave your quest in the comments box below. Alright, see you next time!!!

P/s:Next entry probably bout the itinerary and some disaster stories!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ke Korea Ke Kite!!!!

Assalamualaikum, salam Satu Malaysia. Yeorobun,anyeonghaseyo!!! Wahhhh. It's being a long time since I wrote the last entry and I was hardly blur to click which button to start writing this post as I forgot how does it work.ho3...I'm sorry/Mianhae to those who keep asking why I didn't write any new post but from now onwards, InsyaAllah, with and if God's will I'll try to post as much as I can. I'm sorry too coz I might write this post about 80% in English coz I'm hoping those who didn't understand Malay could also read this post. So, hopefully, all beautiful and handsome readers do enjoy read this post,ok.

So, as the appertizer, I would like to start this post with some introduction regarding the title itself,"Ke Korea Ke Kite"(We're Going to Korea-Hohoho,Suke hati je translate gitu). The story start with me and few of my chinggus(friends) chit chat about having a trip to South Korea.Ho3... so discuss punye discuss, out of sudden and fikiran yg waras, we bought the ticket to South Korea just like that within few days as that time Air Asia was having promotion semperna apa me myself tak ingat.he3...So make it short, the ticket was bought with departure to South Korea on 3rd September 2014 until 8th September 2014. So today, 3rd of October 2014 dah genap 1 month since the day we went for the trip.ho3...ah,FYI,we bought the ticket last year around November 2013 if I wasnt mistaken.hihihi... So can you imagine how 'suffer' we are,counting the days until the day we fly to Korea!!!feels like I'm married in November 2013, Get Pregnant at the end of Disember 2013 and deliver the baby on September 2014!!!ha3...(okengs, that sounds kinda drama right?well everybody like drama.ha3...).

So, to make it shorter,I jump straight to main course(let's skip the soup,shall we???). So within from January 2014 until September 2014 me and my chinggus try to get much information bout South Korea, places to go, blogwalking, read some travelog, try to look for guesthouse, study a little bit bout the map, the subway system,make itinerary and bla,bla,bla...Sounds like heaps of works right? Perghhh, no wonder people travel with travel agent because seriously backpacker is too 'underground'.ha3...Seriously, if you wanna go travel by yourself, in common word nowadays is 'Backpackers' you need to make sure you study the details bout the place you going to. I wouldnt say its a compulsary but seriously, it will helps you A LOT when you travel.

As for the pencuci mulut, I just wanna share you briefly bout our 'KE KOREA KE KITE' journey. We went to South Korea for about 6 days, from 3rd until 8th September 2014. We fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2(KLIA 2) to Seoul and we stay around Namsan. From Seoul, we took a train(Mugunghwa Train) to Busan. From Busan we fly back to KLIA 2. Sounds like aneh-aneh right? Actually during the time we bought the plane ticket, the return ticket to KL-Seoul is quite expensive. So me and my friend came out with an idea to take flight from KL to Seoul and going back to KL through Busan as its cheaper. So thats how it goes.hehehe...And yes, the conclusion of our return ticket (KL-Seoul,Busan-KL) cost only about Rm600.Daebak and awesome right??? Thats all for now readers. In the next entry InsyaAllah I'll go for more details and some drama of course. So see you next time!!!

p/s:Besok(Tomorrow), 4th October 2014 is Incheon Asian Games Closing Ceremony and Bigbang and CNblue will be performing. Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"it's not easy but not too hard!!!"

Asslamualaikum w.b.t and salam 1Malaysia...
selamat pagi semua (as my lappy showed that its oready 12:08 a.m).
so,how's ur day??nice?fun?disaster?well,as for me,so far so good.Alhamdulillah..
as title mentioned, "tak senang, tapi takde la susah sangat".i dunno actually what to talk about so juz randomly...

first,let me shared my story (base on personal experience,ho3..) a.k.a true story la ni.kesahnye bermule dgn perasaan cemburu when certain friends punye pakwe masing2 express their love konon2 nye dgn playing guitar to the gurls.so i was thinking to myself,"ade ke org nk buat camtu kat ak?".yup, i know it sounds like crazy me tp because of that thinking i started to have interest in playing guitar.instead of waiting for someone,why dont i do it myself???mmg da lame nk main coz my brother used to play his guitar bile die ade kat umah but never take it seriously.so bermule la sejarah sy start main gitar by buying myself cap ayam punye gitar which is gitar kapak.he3...

it was about 4 years ago i think n i bought it for about rm80 sumthing include new strings.so after that try chord2 major n simple minor chord dlu.mase mule2 mmg susah.dah la jari xcukop panjang pastu jari pon mcm kaku je bile nk strumming.xmasuk lg chapter plucking.out of tune teros.standard la,benda baru,selalu nk cepat je kan.bile xdapat nk achive sumthing teros cam nk give up.sy rase lame jgak sy stop main because 1st,xde mase coz dulu mase diploma tggl kat kolej so gitar tggl kat umah, 2nd, mmg mase tu give up coz rase mmg diri xde talent nk main.but then i dont remember why,i started to play back.maybe mase cuti semester kot.boring kan duk umah so maybe sy start maen balik tuk enjoykan diri.until la skarang.

Alhamdulillah, makin lame main, makin byk chord yg da kenal,and yg plg ptg da boleh nyanyi skali sambil main gitar.sebenarnye kalow korang nak tau, susah nak nyanyi smbil main instrument.that's why kalow nak tau band tu hebat ke tak,korang tgk vokalis depa.kalow depa boleh play smbil nyanyi,tu baru lah vokalis sejati.nak tau kenape,bile kite nyanyi smbil main gitar,kite akan mudah lari tempo or kite xleh nk follow rythm.kat situ kite kene pandai cari tempo n tau part mane kite patot masuk.faham tak???susah jugak nak cerita ni.tapi dlm erti bahasa mudahnye korang boleh ibaratkan macam korg nak jawab dua soalan yg berbeza tp ditanye pada waktu yg same.mesti korang akan konpius mane satu nk jawab kan.lbey kurang macam tu lah.

so moral of the story yg sy nak share kat sini is,no matter ape jua yg kita buat,kite kene positive (kalow mende tu xlanggar syariat kite la, InsyaAllah...).sy pernah give up, tp bile sy bangkit, baru sy tau yg sy boleh.bukan mahu berlagak atau menyombong diri,tidak same sekali.sy juz nk highlight kat sini,kalow kite xcuba sesuatu tu kite takkan tau hasilnye.mgkin hasil tu lmbt kite dpt tgk tp bg yg beruntung cepat je hasilnya.yg ptg jgn give up.ingat,rezeki masing2.Allah dah tentukan untuk kite.same ade lambat atau cepat.yg ptg tawakkal dan redha dan istiqamah.kadang2 sesuatu yg mudah sgt dapat,cepat and senang plak perginye...

that's all for today.trime kasih readers for reading this merapu story.hope to c u guys again.ingat,belom cube belom tau ye!!!!Assalamualaikum n selamat hari Selase a.k.a Happy Tuesday readers...

p/s:this post juz semate2 nak bangkitkan semangat dlm diri sy tuk terus berusaha dalam semua perkara yg perlu sy lakukan.harap2 dapat m'bangkitkan smangat korang juge ye!!!Ameen......by the way,saje sy post pic Aizat Amdan from Kasi Gegar Entertainment sebab nak buat sumber inspirasi bkn tuk sy tuk korg juga.see how Aizat become a great musician eventhough he did not win the AF...peace,no war!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

long time no see....

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,salam satu Malaysia...hello brothers, sisters, friends and families...wahhh....agak lama sy tinggalkan blog ni sepi from new entry.nak kata sy ni busy, xdela sangat.banyak sbenarnya sy nk tulis tp akibat sikap suka tangguh masih menebal dlm diri baru la hari ni dpt sy tulis post ni (don't be like me ye readers,hu3...)..

ok lah,sbagai appetizer hari ni,sy ingin menceritakan sedikit sebanyak ttg what had happened in my life in these few months...skarang da msk bulan 4 a.k.a April, so basically i got only about 3 months before i finish my studies...skejap je kan mase berlalu,dan sy rasekan byk mase sy terbuang begitu sahaja (failed in time mgt, again, don't be like me.hu3...)...

so, 1st thing 1st, currently me n my freinds n of course most of students who's in final year, mesti tgh busy cari material for reaserch msg2 kan.bace journal, jumpa supervisor, somes mgkin kene pergi somewhere to distribute questionnaire and many more...last week sy dan few classmates n collegemates dpt invitation ke UiTM Shah Alam tuk dengar talk psl continue studies to higher level which Phd n Masters.sy rase kerajaan dah byk membantu rakyat tuk m'jdikan Malaysian to become intelectual citizens.byk peruntukan yg telah disediakan tuk candidates yg layak nk smbng Masters n Phd.banyak input yg sy dapat during this talk n pihak KPT ade tunjuk one vid psl this thing n from the vid sy rase diri ini sgt kerdil.kerdil di sini bkn dr segi fizikal tp dr segi ilmu yg ade.ala2 cam sentap but at the same time proud because ramai Malaysian yg cerdik pandai rupenye.he3..sy xdpt nk ckp pjg pasal ni tp sesiape yg interested, korang boleh try search kat sini https://payloan.mohe.gov.my/MyBrain15 or korang boleh teros call hotline 03-88880058/0032. hanya ni sy mampu tolong.selanjutnye korg leh explore sendiri ye..(tp online application tuk kelompok kedua akan dibuka bulan Mei nanti...if i wasn't misheard la...he3...)

2nd, baru-baru ni ramai jgak la ex-schoolmates yg kawen,tp semua pon sy xdapat penuhi undangan depa.anyway sy ucapkan congrats tuk Najmiah dan Adibah.semoga korang akan m'dapat or menjadi keluarga yg sakinah mawaddah ye,Ameen...tgk org kawen mcm best je kan (ho3...gatal sket,skali skala ye,ape salahnya..).hal ini m'buatkan sy terpikir,sape lah jodoh sy agaknye ye.ha3..nk dijadikan cerita lg, sy pon dgn senang lenang duk layan drama korea entitled "Still, Marry Me".its about 3 good friends in their 30's but still did not married (WOMAN percisely).so as usual,n as skeptical of people minded, mesti org akan selalu kutuk2 or belittle woman yg andartu ni.nak dijadikan cerita, watak heroin akhirnye m'dapat new boyfriend but a bit younger than her (ten years gap).so from that, byk la konfliknye, cause mak boyfren die tu juz 9 years gap with that woman.ho3...nk tau kesudahannya, sile dolop sendiri cerita tu.moral of the story yg sy dapat, kalow nk ckap psl jodoh ni susah.setiap org m'punyai citarasa yg berbeza.pasal umur plak,mmg kite akan rase janggal kalow gap umur tu jauh sgt, tp kalow da jodoh,ape boleh buat.yg ptg,bahagia n mendapat keredhaan Allah....InsyaAllah,Ameen...so,bg yg single macam sy, jom kite fikir positive.maybe jodoh kite masih di bangku sekolah???ha3...fikir2 kan...

3rd,currently, trending org talk psl VErsus, a new realiti show aired in TV9 and hosted by Hunny Madu and Aidid Marcello.it's about 5 bands that need to compete and give task for each week to recompose old song or established to become or give a new elements to those song.so each group only have 1 week to prepare for each task.so last nyte baru 2nd ep and guess what, as usual Hujan won the battle which they performed Dugaannya.setakat ni yg sy nampak band HUJAN mmg ade potential tuk menang competition ni yg m'boehkan mereka m'bawa pulang hadiah berupa wang RM200,000!!!!(if i was not mistaken la)..band lain yg b'tanding is Sixth Sense, Aizat n Go Gerila, Black n Parallax, n lastly SOFAZR....show ni on air on every Friday, 9.30 pm at TV9..kalow korg missed the show, korang leh rajin2, ushar kat utube under channel Hotfm.tak pon korang bleh bukak FB n like Hotfm coz depa ade bg link kat FB depa...agak2 la, sape la yg akan menang kan????kite tunggu dan lihat saje.positive things yg sy nmpak sejak2 akhir ni, band indie da semakin kuat depa punye fanbase.so keep it up banders!!!keep producing a lot of masterpiece yg rare!!!
p/s:Malaysian, do support locals too, coz kite punye import lg byk dr export....

last but not least, thanx to all readers.pesanan sy, kite boleh berhibur, tp ade batasnya.jgn terlalu bergelak ketawa smpi tak ingat dunia dan jaga peribadi kita as orang timur, org Malaysia, n org Islam (for those Muslims)...ingat, kurangkan kontroversi, tingkatkan prestasi, berdiri atas kaki sendiri...sayonara, anhyeong, zhai jian, bye2, n Assalamualaikum w.b.t and have a blessful weekend everbody!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"it's Duty Roaster right?????"

Assalamualaikum and hello there world!!!!
chinggu a.k.a friends and readers,so long time no see.ho3...lame xtulis kat sini coz me so lazy as usual.
anyway,tido,makan,tido, da masuk bulan February.betapa cepatnya masa berlalu.
dah abes bulan January,so tinggal 1 month je lagi b4 sem baru start.hu3...ni da middle of Feb so basically i got only about 3 weeks left for my holis (booing,booing)..

as mention above, do u still remember DUTY ROASTER???since da lame tinggal school-hood kan and tetibe sy t'ingat pasal DUTY ROASTER.kisah nye bermula as usual my daily life would always be fulfill with watching drama (did i mention b4 this that i like drama bcoz it's dramatic???).it was a Japanese drama titled "Seigino Mikata" means "Ally of Justice" (ntah betol ke x ni,he3..hentam je la).so there was a scene where a bunch of middle school student (kite kire nye pelajar sekolah menengah rendah la kan???) tengah bersih kelas lepas abes waktu persekolahan.then,i said to myself "bagus betol sistem Japan school ni, rajin student kemas n bersih kelas lepas learning session ended.alangkah bagus kalow Malaysia pon buat camni".

STOP right there, in a blink of an eye,automatic otak sy tibe2 berfungsi secara rasional n then i said to myself back, "wait a minute!!!!Malaysia pon ade system camni.b4 n after school session student pon kene bersih jgak kelas. kite akan take turn according to the DUTY ROASTER yg besenye AJK keceriaan yg responsible buat.macam2 tema DUTY ROASTER i'd seen during schooling year.

then i asked myself back, "how come aku boleh lupe pasal ni???sedangkan aku da skolah 11 tahun means, 11 tahun aku buat mende alah ni???".so i think damn hard where till im able to come with a conclusion. "it is because during that time, that was the most hateful thing i had to do besides ASSEMBLY session.i never get the job done with fully hearted.n i always complained to people that make rubbish in the class when im on duty".so there it goes.then i started to recall some memories.i always love to be incharge on Thursday as it is the last day of schooldays rather than Sunday (im living in Terengganu FYI).infact,sometimes,when the people incharge of making of DUTY ROASTER is one of my friends, i will beg them to put me on duty on Thursday.n do u wanna know why i choose Thursday instead of other days,it is because, biasenye hari khamis,kelas da xkotor coz days b4 org da kemas.so besenye ari kamis sikit je kije.kalow hari ahad paling azab.he3.i know it sound like im such a lazy person,but it is freaking damn true.ho3...

that's all for today,thnx to stop by and read and have a blast day readers!!!
Assalamualaikum and salam 1 Malaysia!!!

p/s:im currently keeping me busy with practicing my keyboarding skills.and i feels sucks coz im unable to memorize well all the chords.so wish me luck guys!!!thnx again!!n i post an example of DUTY ROASTER.it's cute ryte???

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Alhamdulillah...exam is over!!!"

well,hello there world!!!
Alhamdulillah,exam da abes!!!
well actually,yesterday was my last paper for subjek e-commerce (lupe full name course tu,ho3..nmpk sgt xamek berat,aigoo2).

susah nye soalan hanya Allah dan kawan2 je tau (actually sbb xbace abes,tu yg xleh jwab,ngeeeeee).
tapi disebabkan da last paper,even xleh jwb,hati cam tenang gilon menggoreng n m'eksploitasi kan sbarang idea yg mencurah bgaikan ke ladang gandum!!!
tak kesah la betol ke tidak janji jgn tinggal empty,blank answer.mane la tau ade rezki lecturer baik hati bg markah mane2 point yg related kan.InsyaAllah.

lepas abes exam pegi bli mkanan kat pasar malam dgn hati berbunga (lapar gilon kot mase exam,xmkan nasi lagi seharian,hu3..vroom2 bunyi perot jwb exam).
mcm bese beli ayam n nasi lemak (sius sambal die mmg sdap,ade manisnye,ade pedasnye,tambah masin ikan bilis,pergh,superb!!!).

btw,ari ni sy terbace kat laman sesawang hot.fm yg Ally Iskandar bakal bernikah dgn Farah Lee.FYI, Ally ni orang kg sy,kg.Padang Midin,he3...last nmpk die blk kg Padang Midin time arwah datuk die meninggal.mase tu kecoh bile org tau rupenye Ally Iskandar ni cucu Tok ma(kami panggil nenek Ally Tok Ma,n slalu mase kecik2 pegi kedai tok ma beli junk foods,ho3..).neway,congrats la tuk Ally (mcm la die bace blog ak ni,ho3..).
hope both of them will be happily ever after, dunia n akhirat!!!

ok,that's all for today.may Allah bless you, all readers n Muslims!!!

p/s:to those yg belom abes exam,BERUSAHA kawan2 n sahabat!!!saya tau korg mampu punye,yg penting tawakal dgn Allah,let bygone be bygone!!!Assalamualaikum n salam satu Malaysia!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"DECORATE my heart with my GUITAR"...

Assalamualaikum peers n family...n readers of course..
well,actually right now i was sitting alone at Kafe Kapas buzy myself online (which supposely im studying ryte now,he3..).
im waiting my chinggu, Lili.she's probably just awake when i called her just now.
hu3...n im leave all alone here.so that's make me feel wanna right something in this beautiful morning.its the last week of exam so most degree student already finished their last paper n some are struggling right now answering paper in Dewan Aspirasi.as for me,will having my last paper on this thursday which 2 days more n yet im still did not study (yup,that's me,a lazy gurl.aigoo2..)
neway,juz wanna share a song from yuna called decorate which really inspire me with the lyrics as it's like a real feeling that are thrown out onto a piece of paper.n it just suite with my feeling ryte now.hu3...still,i dont want it to bother me n got rid of it ASAP!!!last word guys,wish me gudluck for the final paper!!!as i want you all to know im wishing the same thing to everyone!!!gambatte kudasai!!!

p/s:I'm just going to "DECORATE my heart with my guitar!!!"..

Here goes the song im listen currently:

So you decided to see me out of the blue,
I think you're doing fine,
That girl in your arms,
Does she know where you come from?
Almost made me move out of town,
You don't want me to be around
But I stayed anyway, Just in case...
Finding reasons to hate you more than before
Like how you said you would call
But never at all
Got rid of your number that I know by heart
You left your things at my place,
As if I have all the space
Cause you know I don't mind,
Just come back when you think it's time
I'm all black and white inside
Monotonous from left to right
I decorate my house with thing you love
Just in case you show up
In case you show up...